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Procurement services


We offers exceptional Procurement and Supply services for Mechanical and Electrical Tools in the marine and oil/gas industry. With a strong supplier network, timely delivery, and a focus on quality assurance, we are your trusted partner for reliable and efficient tool procurement.

Here is a summary of a few of the many products we offer for the manufacturing, construction, oil & gas, and telecommunications sectors

Copper and fiber optic cables, Networking enclosures, and Connection systems.

Compressors and Turbines, Pressure Vessels, Boilers, Heat Exchangers, HVAC, and other refinery and petrochemical equipments.

Tees, Reducers, Unions, Couplings, Cross Caps, Joints, Elbows, Valves (All Types), Gaskets, Flanges, Bolts, Tubes, and Pipes, Hub Connectors and Seals, Temperature and Pressure Transmitters, Relays, Switches, Rupture Discs, Hoses, Studs, Actuators, etc.

Anchors, Anodes, Batteries, Boat fittings, Blocks, Block chains, Pilot ladders, Thimbles, POyrotechnics, Ropes, Steel wire ropes, Pumps, Nets, Shackles, Fish finders, etc.

Safety shoes, Coveralls, Helmets, Body harnesses, Hand gloves, and Safety goggles, Fire extinguishers, Fireman suits, Smoke detectors, Fire hoses, Nose masks, and other fire prevention and protection gear.

Tubing, casings, and drill pipes.

Biocide, Mono Ethylene Glycol, Oxygen scavengers, Corrosion Inhibitors, Scale Inhibitors, Mobil Lubricants, Total Lubricants, etc.

building construction in progress


We take great satisfaction in our capacity to provide our services in compliance with the principles of ISO 9001:2015, ASME, AWS, BS, DIN Codes, and other codes that are applicable to the Nigerian oil and gas industry.

We have the potential to carry out big projects and offer construction services, including: Fabrication and installation of both on- and offshore platforms, buildings, bridges, and jackets, Fitting works Scaffolding, Blasting and coating services, Heavy Duty Equipment Leasing. Payloaders, Forklifts, Scaffolding, Self-loaders, Compactors, Excavators, Generators, Cranes and lifting equipment, Compressors and construction equipment, Bulldozers

Engineering services


We offer top-notch asset integrity services through asset inspection, report analysis, and solution offering in conjunction with our Technical Partner. These consist of: Hot bolting and torque, Flange control, Pipe Wrap composites used for leak management and repair, Inspection services, Non-destructive testing and evaluation for rig condition surveys, Instrumentation and electrical controls.

Together with our technical partner, we are able to provide our clients with round-the-clock services in the areas of instrument specification, instrument hook-up, tie-in, and commissioning thanks to our highly trained staff and cutting-edge technology.

Several of these services consist of: Installation and upkeep of equipment in green fields and brown fields, Instrument revalidation and recertification, Testing for leaks and hydro, Installation and commissioning of the pump, Valve installation (SDV, ROV, and MOV)

project management


BEOPS provides comprehensive Project Management services in the marine and oil/gas industry. Our experienced team excels in strategic planning, resource allocation, schedule management, stakeholder communication, risk assessment, quality control, budget management, and continuous improvement.

Our team is committed to meeting project goals and exceeding expectations, ensuring successful project execution and ultimate client satisfaction.

a building under construction


BEOPS provides professional Instrumentation Services, including construction, upgrades, and maintenance.

We customize our solutions to meet your needs, ensuring seamless integration and optimal performance. With a focus on quality assurance, safety, and timely execution, we aim to exceed client expectations.


BEOPS provides specialized Cold Cutting and Bevelling Services for the marine oil and gas industry. Our expert team, advanced equipment, and innovative techniques ensure precise and efficient operations. We offer cold-cutting expertise, delivering safe and accurate cuts without the risks associated with hot-cutting methods.

Our Bevelling solutions enable smooth joint preparation and enhance welding processes. We customize our services to meet specific project requirements, prioritize safety and compliance, and execute projects within agreed timelines. Quality assurance is paramount, and our thorough inspections guarantee superior accomplishment.

a marine vessel


BEOPS offers comprehensive Vessel De-sanding, Cleaning, Flushing, and hydro-testing services for vessels operating with AP1510-based systems. Our skilled technicians utilize cutting-edge techniques and equipment to ensure efficient and reliable vessel operations. We specialize in removing sand and solid deposits, thorough cleaning, high-pressure flushing, and precise hydro-testing. With a customized approach, strict adherence to safety and compliance, timely execution, and a focus on quality assurance.


Labour services


At BEOPS Nigeria Limited, we aim to bring Job Seekers and Employers together. Our recruitment team works with companies to find the best professionals for open positions.

We cover areas like sourcing, purchasing, quality control, logistics, and more. Our consultants are seasoned professionals who have worked in various industries, resulting in a shortlist of very high quality candidates. Keeping in mind the impact of employees on the bottom line of the organization, we make sure to provide the best available roles. 

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